Thursday, 7 August 2014

Two wheels and caffeine begins!

Bicycles are my passion - not because I race or because they can be engineering and technological wonders, but because they are universal.  People all over the world use them for work and play.  Tiny children all the way to the elderly use them as toys or transportation.  They are environmentally clean and a great source of physical activity.  They can be made relatively inexpensively and provided to millions of people to make their lives better.  They are the ultimate human powered machine which is a thing of beauty in my eyes. 

That being said, what isn't cool about the technology?  The past, present, and future of bike racing?  The new disciplines of downhill racing and terrain parks?  The pursuit of lighter, faster, and stronger bikes?  Personal training and the advent of tools like Strava to track your progress and set goals?  What is the cruiser phenomenon?

And coffee.  Oh how I love coffee.  So many of us enjoy a good cup of Joe.  I plan to explore: the relationship of coffee and cycling, the art of roasting, technology of brewing the best cup, and many more.  I'm not a coffee snob, but I certainly understand how people could become one. 

I want to explore all of these topics on this blog.  I will invite authors from different walks to contribute and share their thoughts and experiences on two wheels.  I will interview "coffee people" and coffee lovers and ask for their stories.  If there are stories about Two Wheels and Caffeine - Jackpot!  And locations ... places to ride and then drink or vice versa.  It's all good.

If you have interest in writing on these topics, forward me a message and let me know more.

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  1. Cycling is the perfect way to get out and enjoy Edmonton. Looking forward to more posts