Saturday, 9 August 2014

Riding with your wife is like ... a yo-yo.

All of us out there who are married, know that we married our wives because we love them and we like them.  We want to spend time with them because they are our best friends.  Hence, we want to ride our bikes with them because it means more time together doing what we love.  What is better than a ride on a nice day out in the country pushing each other to ride fast and get better fitness?  I'll tell you.  Not riding together.  It's kind of like working together.  At first it seems great and then you realize that husband and wife USUALLY see things differently. I want to ride for my new best times and she wants to ride for good times (ie. chatting about stuff).  I know there are exceptions and some couples are perfect riding partners, but this is my blog.  And there is no humor in everything going perfectly.

Now don't get me wrong.  I love everything about my wife but riding bikes with her is tough.  And it isn't her fault.  

I always want to push myself when I'm on the bike in some way.  Whether I want to climb the hill faster, or keep my average speed higher than the last ride.  I also ride a lot more than my wife and I have a faster bike than my wife (skinny tires, lighter, more expensive), so it's hard to ride slow for me (relatively speaking).  Our rides usually start with "Honey, let me know if I'm riding too fast and I'll slow down.  Stay pretty close to my wheel and I'll block the wind.  If I don't hear anything from you, then I'll assume you are keeping up."  Next thing you know, I turn around and she is a really far behind me.  That is the yo-yo.  Ride fast ... slow down ... ride fast ... slow down.  Eventually, she says "you go ahead and I'll ride my own pace."  I usually have a bunch of guilt until I'm in the red zone from pushing too hard and nearly collapsing. 

My recommendations for riding with your wife (unless she is the fast one and you are the cruiser):

I would tell her something along these lines ...
  • suggest that you'll take the kids and let her enjoy the ride with her friend
  • your man parts are really sore from a long ride the other day and if babies are planned for the future, you'd better sit this one out
  • the flat tire on your bike needs special parts
  • your hang over will just slow her down
  • your mother called and needs a job done at her house right now and it can't wait
In other words, just don't do it.  It never works out well for me.

On another note, I would like to say thanks to Trina for her mini-blog post that she spent tons of time on for me.  When I asked her if she wanted to write something for a cycling/coffee blog, she sent me this ...

"Don't drink hot coffee and cycle at the same time.  If you spill, you will burn yourself and crash."  Thanks Trina.  Saving lives is your forte.  I should have put that as a separate post.

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