Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The loss of a good friend.

I stepped out the front door a few days ago, walked to my vehicle parked on the driveway, and then noticed my garage was open.  My first horrifying thought ... I hope nothing happened to my bikes (aka my good friends).  And you know that scene in a horror movie where the actor grabs their cheeks and screams as the camera comes close and focuses in on their true horror.  That was me.

I realized immediately that something was missing ... my mountain bike.  It had been there the night before right beside my wife's good friend.  Her bike wasn't taken.  The thief obviously knew which one was worth more.  I immediately wondered if I had left the garage open or if someone had broken into the house or something else.  I made my report to the police and was given some unnerving news, it was something else most likely.  Apparently, a different thief had been caught with a devious remote control that he was using to open garages by breaking their codes.  He had broken into 17 garages and taken various items.  The police officer told me that it was getting more and more common.  I am guessing that someone saw my bike and knew it would be worth something.  The only good news from this, was they didn't take the other two expensive bikes I had parked in the garage (no longer there Mr. Thief in case you're reading this!).

The last time I saw my good friend.

The frustrating part to swallow about this situation is the potential of using my insurance.  I didn't realize that there was a cap of $2000 for reimbursement of stolen bikes, a $1000 deductible, and an immediate increase of 23% in my home insurance premium if I make a claim.  In the end, I might as well just buy a bike and move on.  Too bad I don't have another $5000+ lying around for a new bike.  

So a few pieces of advice.  First, keep your bikes in the house.  They are a form of art and should be shown off in the living room.  Secondly, check your insurance for the appropriate coverage if you have a bike worth more than $3000.  And finally, make sure you are at peace with the bikes you love.  You never know when they might leave you suddenly.  I wasn't ready to let my Ibis Mojo go.  

But, from every rain shower there is a rainbow right?  My rainbow is that I might end up shopping for a new bike when I have the money.  SOOO many questions ... 29er or 27.5?  XC or All-mountain?  Full carbon or save a few bucks and go with carbon/alloy?  Single or double chain ring?  SRAM or Shimano?  Big company or boutique frame?  I don't think I'm ready yet - still grieving.  However, there's always hope that my good friend will come back.  I know it would be a miracle, but you have to believe!

If anyone out there sees my bike for sale ... please let me know.  I'm looking for a good deal.  I'm sure it would be less the second time I buy it?

What's the best mountain bike out there right now?  Best company?  Best service for warranty?

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