Monday, 9 February 2015

The cycling social life

Part of what makes life interesting is sharing your experiences with those around you that can appreciate your stories.  That's why we build cultures that attract like minds.  However, it isn't always that easy, especially with new social media taking the place of actual social spots.  The pubs and social drinking holes are still busy ... because of alcohol?  But how about hobby and sports clubs that require you to actually get out of your house and drive or ride to a club or meeting place to sit around and shoot the shit about something you love.  I think it's pretty rare nowadays.  I have also seen people melding their interests with giving back.  I don't mind being a poster board for a good cause! Once again, cyclists prove to be innovative, creative, and responsible.

I am intrigued and impressed by social clubs that build the love of cycling and the outdoors in general.  A recent and great example is Rodeo Adventure Labs ( Not only do these  guys keep an active social media presence, but they have a web store for products, group rides that sound inviting, and they even design and create bikes.  Founded in 2014, this group is about racing, riding, and everything cycling.  If you know of them, you know what I'm talking about.  If you don't know of them, then you should check them out.  It is a model for the new social club. Their specially designed kits are produced by Castelli and carry with them a unique flavor of design and individuality.  The latest design came in 5 varieties to capture each rider's own flavor of riding style.  I was about one click away from ordering the "Trail Donkey" kit when my wallet guardian (ie. my wife) told me the last thing I need is a another cycling jersey (she's wrong by the way).  I would like to give these guys a huge thumbs up for doing something that is positive and creative and focused on cycling!!  Not to mention, I think their marketing genius is very apparent. They have built a brand that is awesome ... recognizable, cohesive, and fresh.

Rodeo Adventure Labs Kit 2.0

Another recent discovery of mine which merges cycling and social interaction / responsibility in a super positive way is The Rescue Project (  Namrita Kumar is a cyclist and obviously an animal lover, and she started the project in 2013.  This organization retails Castelli kits and accessories where the proceeds are sent to a local animal shelter of your choice.  The designs are done by Straydog Branding out of Vancoucer in BC - cool looking kits that deserve support.  Since I love cycling, Castelli and animals in general ... my wallet will be forced to shell out for this one when the next design comes out.  Again, a huge shout out to The Rescue Project for making a difference and doing it through something we love.

The Rescue Project
I've said from the beginning of this blog that my goal is to spew my ramblings about cycling, but ultimately, I hope to find an avenue in the world of cycling that will allow me to move from one career to the next.  The current career took a lot of schooling to get to, and hence, it is hard to walk away from to venture into the unknown.  However, the introspective me knows that the passion is still fueled by fresh air, two wheels and caffeine.  I have friends and colleagues that ride, even more than me, but they love it for the exercise more than the entire lifestyle of the bike culture.  I could sit and watch bike racing for hours after riding for hours.  I could tinker with my bikes and talk about new parts all day.  I would love nothing more than to buy a travel frame, fly to somewhere warmer and see that  new place on two wheels.

I hope everyone is having a great rides or dreaming about spring time when the roads and trails are clear depending on your location.

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