Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Redbike Redcross

Cyclocross marks the end of the cycling season, and it's supposed to be fun but hard as hell.  The Redbike Redcross did not disappoint, except for the good weather and lack of mud and sand.  Joking aside, it was a beautiful day to race and a competitive field.

First lap, first climb
Cyclocross attracts all kinds - the roadies, the mountain bikers, and the cross specific riders who are in love with the unique mix.  Not only did we see an eclectic mix of racers, but where else will you have jumpy castle next to the speakers blaring hard core rap?  My 11 year old definitely learned a few new phrases ... "Dad, why does that motherf@#$%r want to b#%*h slap his ho?"  I told him the key phrase we have all used since it's introduction: "ear muffs."

Just like this shot ...
I enjoyed the jeering from the crowd.  It was a special kind of love from the fans.  "You can't blame your bike anymore, it's brand new."

One of the "Hardcore" riders
One fan yelled: "you got a guy on your wheel, keep going!"  The same fan then yelled to the very next rider: "you're right on his wheel, you can take him!"  He was very supportive to everyone.

Jumping the obstacles.
There's something addictive about watching athletes up close and personal push themselves to their limit on each and every lap of the cyclocross course.  There is the adrenaline of racing your peers, the challenge of not barfing up a lung, and the technical side of descending a a grassy hill or picking up your bike and running over obstacles while you're nearly seeing double from exhaustion.

Picturesque setting for the race.  Don't think too many racers noticed the lake.

If you get a chance to go out and watch a cross race, I suggest you do it.  It is a great sport to test your endurance and challenge your bike skills.  Redbike did a great job putting on the race and the venue (Hermitage Park) was perfect.   Hopefully there will be more spectators at the next race on September 27th.

The next race in the Edmonton area is the:  Jim Horner Grand Prix of Cyclo-cross on Saturday September 27, 2014 run by Juventus Cycling Club.  Races start at 10:00am.  Go to http://www.albertabicycle.ab.ca/events for a complete list of races.

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